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Windows Upgrades


Windows Upgrades and Special Installations

Are you ready to upgrade Windows? Is Vista slowing you down? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions, then consider upgrading to Windows 7, the latest and greatest Windows operating system released by Microsoft. Tri-County Technical Services is here to help you with all your Windows Upgrade needs. As Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, we are uniquely qualified to apply Windows 7 upgrades on your PC. With all of the different versions of Windows 7 available, choosing the one that’s best for you may be difficult. At Tri-County Technical Services, we will help you make an educated choice as to which Windows 7 version will get the job done while remaining as cost-effective as possible.

Oftentimes, when upgrading from Vista, your files will remain intact and unchanged, but sometimes with Vista and always with XP, you will need to do a full upgrade meaning that all your files will be wiped clean from the hard drive. By combining Tri-County Technical Services’ Windows Upgrade Service with our Data Migration Service, which involves moving your old data to your new PC or, in this case, upgraded PC, you will enjoy the benefits of using Windows 7 without losing any files.

Why upgrade to Windows 7 ?

  • Built for speed. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 provides a fast feeling to its users.
  • The best desktop yet. Enjoy the larger buttons, full-sized previews, and jump lists, just to name a few improvements.
  • Easy network sharing. Windows 7 provides superior sharing of printers and files across your network.
  • Internet Explorer 9 & Windows Media Player 12. Available for use on Windows 7.
  • Seamless Wireless Networking. Windows 7 provides the easiest and most reliable features yet for wireless connectivity.
  • Enhanced Security. Avoid Viruses and Spyware more easily with the superior protection offered in Windows 7.
Windows XP Downgrades/ Virtual Machine

Upgrading to Windows 7 isn’t always the best choice for all PC users. Sometimes, it’s even best to downgrade. If you are a user of special software that simply won’t run on the latest operating systems provided by Microsoft, contact Tri-County Technical Services for our special downgrade services. It is also possible to install Windows XP or even other older operating systems on a new PC by use of a Virtual Machine. A Virtual Machine is a like having a computer inside of a computer allowing a user to run, for example, Windows XP within Windows 7. If you believe you are a customer in such a special situation, contact us and let us help you choose the best path that will allow you to accomplish your computing goals.

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